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    Floors are obviously the most used and abused in any building. Office buildings, medical and dental facilities, and any other commercial buildings get heavy usage on any given day. The floors, whether it's VCT, tile and grout, or carpet, are extremely hard to keep clean and maintain. We have a system and process that can get your floors looking new again. Not only looking great but more importantly, healthier, easier to maintain, and odor reducing, especially in bathrooms. Our Clear Coating seals the floor so soils and odors can't penetrate into the tile and grout. 


Here are the steps in our Clear Coating Process:

1)  Whether it be tile & grout, engineered flooring, terrazzo, clay tiles, or epoxy floors,       we thoroughly clean all of them with our specialty hard-surface cleaning products

      and state-of-the-art system. 

2)  Speed dry the floor with high velocity air movers.


3)  Tile & grout floors will have a color seal applied to the grout lines after cleaning.

      Color seal not only "evens out" the grout color, but offers more grout protection.


4)  The last step is our Clear Coating Process. The final finish can be either Matte,

      Satin or Gloss. This will depend on your preference or what is best for that

      particular area. This is generally a two-coat application to most floors. Once this

      coating cures, the floor is ready for use. Maintenance will be an easier process

      now. Your customers and employees will absolutely love the difference this

      makes in your facility. Cleaner, healthier, and no more foul odors lingering in

      the grout.


Areas where this process works the best:

  • Public bathrooms

  • Office and Employee Bathrooms

  • Lobby or Entryways

  • Enginerred Flooring

  • Rubber Flooring

  • Medical or Dental exam/patient rooms

This will make a great impression on your Customers, Visitors, and Employees!

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